Drink Stirrers

It has been a while since I've spent time working on this blog. I always promised myself I wouldn't become one of those people that stopped blogging, but I fear I have become just that. I'm planning on getting back to it, so hopefully you'll see more from me around here!  

Now, let's get to the festive point of this post. DRINK STIRRERS! And I don't mean striped straws or paper taped to screwers, I mean awesome stirrers. This is one of my all time favorite wedding details. It is such a small piece to any party that it is often overlooked. 

Glitter Diamond Drink Stirrer - DIY right here. Pretty legit. I want to make these real bad!

If you aren't in the mood for DIYing, you can buy these awesome geometric stir sticks from this Etsy Shop.

These feather stir sticks are pretty awesome. The only problem I ran into is finding cool enough feathers to use. But seriously, who wouldn't love these adorning their drink. DIY from 100 Layer Cake.

Ok, THESE! Such a brilliant idea. I was actually super excited to try out my own version of these for a holiday party. I was thinking foliage, ferns, etc. In preparation for the party, I realized the biggest downfall of this idea.....they have to be done the day of! (Or maybe the day before if you have a refrigerator). I ran out of time, so we ended up with nothing. DIY via Style Me Pretty

And there you have it! Some of my favorite stir stick ideas!