Williams-Sonoma Wedding Registry | Must-Haves Under $100

Registering was one of my favorite things to do when I was getting married. It gave me a chance to take some time to think about what I had, what I wanted to replace and what I needed to complete this newlywed home of ours. I had an assortment of goodies on my list including the best baking gear, some items for a chic bar, and a few things to high kick me into cooking gear. 

I wanted to ensure I had products on my list that guests of all price points could afford (because the last thing I wanted was for my guests to feel obligated or burdened by getting us a gift).

So, in putting together my roundup of must-have registry items, I out together a roundup of the best items Williams-Sonoma has to offer under $100 (most of which I own myself!).

I own practically every one of these products., but a few of my utter favorites - Those dish towels (the last forever!), the Bride & Groom cookbook (I've made a bunch of recipes from mine), and the red utensils (by far my favorite spatulas out there.) 

Seeing some good stuff and want to create a wedding registry of your own? Visit the Williams-Sonoma Registry Page and click "Create a Registry". And that's it! You'll receive a discount on cooking classes, and 10% off the products you didn't get so you can complete your registry!

When you create a registry, you could win your dream registry. To do so, click on the "Dream Registry Sweepstakes" after you have created your registry. You'll win a $5,000 Williams-Sonoma gift card!

** All content is my own but thanks to William-Sonoma for sponsoring today's post!