Putting Together Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses

I'm so in love with the idea of mismatched dresses. I've always been a huge fan and luckily every wedding I've been a part of has been about picking a style and color that fits me best! 

This most recent wedding is a perfect example of putting together a look without many restraints! 

Photography By:  Jason & Anna Photography

Photography By: Jason & Anna Photography

We went through many different color palettes and finally landed on neutral colors. One of the things you need to look at when pulling together the bridesmaid look is what colors are on the market and how easy it will be for your girls to find something they love. 

You'll notice is that none of these dresses are the exact same color, but as a collection they work well together. Don't put too much pressure on the exact color. Give them a general color palette (blush, mint, nude, etc) and let them see what they can find. Once you have a few options, compare them all to make sure they collectively fit together. Sometimes you'll end up with something better than you imagined when you allow the colors to come together organically!


The process to achieve this look is a non-conventional one. I put together a Pinterest board so we could save everything we found in one spot. I sent this to the other girls and this gave a sounding board for them to get an idea of the look, find something similar, or just go ahead and buy one of the ones on this board! We also set up a Facebook Messenger group where links and opinions were flying back and forth. 

It is definitely much more challenging to give up the control and allow everyone to input their opinions and ideas. Sometimes it throws things off, but in the end, it makes for happy bridesmaids, amazing photos and a beautiful outcome.