Pennsylvania Estate Wedding by Morrissey Photo


There were so many endearing homemade details in this wedding, it was truly the work of the entire family. The groom reupholstered chairs, built the bar and even their amazing sweetheart table that features the iron frame of an old Singer sewing machine table. (I have one of those as well, so I was delighted to see this awesome detail!) Morrissey Photo really rocked this one!

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Our theme was based around “Our Love Story”. We had been together for six years and through those years created an amazing life together. I loved the rustic/antique look, and after finding our venue, we began to plan the details of our wedding that were most important to us.

We were planning a fall wedding so we incorporated teal and a deep orange color into our flowers and décor. I loved the look of blue ball jars and clear glass vases outside for cocktail hour, and inside the tent we kept it elegant with antique mercury glass vases and bottles for candles, votives and flowers on the tables that were a similar blue color, with greens and shades of white.

My dress was an elegant gown of hand-placed French Corded Lace designed by Christos named Femme for Neiman Marcus. The thoughtful placement of the lace created a chevron pattern throughout the gown. The fit-to-flare silhouette was accented by a sculpted bodice featuring delicate lace eyelashes along the neckline and a soft sweep train added a touch of unexpected drama. We decided to add a Swarovski belt and covered buttons down the back where the zipper was.

Paul has worked in catering and he knew that he wanted to bring an amazing catering company in that would work with us on each element of the catering and décor. Brulee Catering was the company that we chose for our reception.

Furniture was refurbished by Paul & his father to be placed on the lawn or in the tent. This furniture was planned to later be used in our future home. Paul personally made the bar from barn wood and fabric panels. He also made the sweet heart table with wood & a singer sewing table iron base and carved our initials in along with our wedding date, his & her chairs, old windows with guests names for table arrangements, personalized hor dourves trays made by Paul that included elements of our life together, lanterns, antique lace table cloths, and home made seat cushions for all the outdoor furniture.

Venue: Applewood Estate Photographer:  Morrissey Photo Musicians: Party Wave Band Caterer: Brulee Catering Hair Stylist: Jolie Salon & Spa Cake Designer: The Masters Baker Floral Designer: The Rhoads Garden