Picking up details

Long engagements get sort of a bad rap. When Erik and I set a wedding date nearly 20 months after our engagement, people thought I'd be worried about losing momentum or that I'd feel like I'd be waiting forever. While there are moments of "lets just do this already", I'd say there are many benefits of having a long engagement. One of the best things has been picking up some small details for the day as I see them and am inspired. Its been fun getting a little thing in the mail here or there, plus shelling out a few dollars here and there gives me time to save up in between. Plus, you can score clearance if you time the purchase perfectly.

So far I've picked up these fun items:


Source: Furbish Studio


Source: ABJ Glassworks



Source: Jason Wu for Target (No longer available)

Its so exciting to start gathering little details while the big stuff is still in the works. I've been using all my restraint to not get carried away with buying too much stuff we don't need, but when its something I love and a great deal (I snagged the Jason Wu dresses for the flower girls at $16 a pop), its nice to have those small things crossed off the list!