A Pattern Project

  Today I'm so excited to share one of the first tangible projects I've worked on during wedding planning.  A couple years ago I met an awesome surface designer at Alt Summit, and when I started wedding planning I knew she would be the perfect person to collaborate with on a visual that could help set the tone for DIY projects. We sent Tammie Bennett our inspiration board in the hopes she could design us a pattern that could be used for paper and fabric components of the event.

Seattle Industrial Chic Wedding Inspiration

 Source: The Ravenna Girls

 Tammie took our inspiration board and ran with it. She pulled out those colors she knew we loved the most: turquoise, corals, and orange, with a neutral backdrop. She pulled out the midcentury vibe and also some of the decor that I told her we planned to use in the space: lights and garland. After a few weeks of work on the pattern she sent me three preliminary options:

Tammie Bennet Pattern Prelim

Source: Tammie Bennett Design in partnership with The Ravenna Girls

So great, right? I instantly loved them all but for different reasons. In addition to the items from our inspiration board that I thought she'd incorporate, she also added in the playfulness of the paper airplanes which are a nod to our long distance relationship. After looking at them with Erik and thinking about all the different things we'd hoped to use this for, we felt like Option 1 was a little too whimsical (I almost felt like it looks like a kids birthday party), and Option 3 was a little too bold. Option 2, with a few more revisions would be great and versatile.

We went through a couple more design tweaks, removing the hearts and diamonds which I thought were a little too "cute", and infusing more of the dark gray for a richer look. With eager anticipation, I opened the final awesome pattern that Tammie sent me:

brianne final

Source: Tammie Bennett Design in partnership with The Ravenna Girls

We absolutely love it. Tammie delivered us an Adobe Illustrator file, which means that we can scale the whole pattern as needed and also separate out individual components if need be. I'm looking forward to uploading it to Spoonflower to have some fabric printed for a few projects, have some wallpaper made to use as a photobooth background, and some gift wrap to use for bridal party gifts. We're also using this as inspiration for stationery and decor pieces, including our invitations, ceremony backdrop, chairs and the reception, and cake toppers. Can't wait to show those all to you as they come to fruition!