There are a lot of things to think about when imagining how your wedding tables will look. Here are a list of the components that go into a 'tablescape':

- Tablecloths: ask your caterer or rental company what options you have and think about whether you want to add to it with a runner or other decorative piece.

- Napkins: just like the tablecloths, you will want to find out what options you have.

- Plates, silverware, glasses: what will they look like? If you don't want to splurge on expensive rentals of ones that will go perfectly with your vision, consider using plain options that would allow the other pieces of the table to take center stage.

- Flowers/Candles: Will you be having large centerpieces, smaller mixed votives, tall, short, or a combination of these?

- Menus: a group menu for the table, individual menus for each person, or a central menu you place near the escort cards to show guests what's coming before they sit down.

- Table numbers

- Escort cards

- Food: it's good to consider how your food will come out and how much room it will take up on the table. Since we are doing family style, we need to allow for large platters. Because of this we will have smaller center pieces.

Below are images of what I'm imagining for our tables:

Tablescaping1Source: left, right top, right bottom

Tablescaping2Source: left, right

Tablescaping3Source: left, right

We will have round tables, and I'm thinking of adding table runners. I will probably buy the fabric and then get ribbon to tie them, like in the image below.

Tablescaping4Source: left, right

If you are feeling overwhelmed with all the options, I recommend creating a Pinterest board or collage just for the tables. It will really narrow down what you are thinking and give you a chance to see how it will all come together.

How did you make your tables come together?