Double Take: The Decision to Have Two Ceremonies

If you had asked me 6 years ago (after attending my first wedding) if I would have a church wedding, I would have without a doubt told you yes. You see, my fiance and I both attended parochial school for the majority of our schooling and so as a young girl I thought that's what most people did.

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Well fast forward a few years and my fiance and I actually started talking about what our wedding might look like and the word church rarely came up. We pictured an outdoor ceremony, just like the one were planning. So maybe it's Catholic guilt or maybe it's just our nature, but we knew having a religious ceremony was important to us too. Since we were unable to find a priest to agree to marry us outside, we've decided to hold two ceremonies. The first, in the church with only our immediate family and bridal party on the Thursday before our big day and the second, on a Saturday, outdoors, followed by a terrific reception. This is a sure fire way to confuse your wedding guests :)

Love the look of quaint little chapels but also think grand, eye catching churches are gorgeous.

If I was having a church ceremony only, I think I would have loved one of these numbers above. Definitely more formal than my dress for my outside wedding.

I can't help but be smitten over weddings under trees. This is comfortable and so natural for me.