Dressing up the Aisle

One of my favorite things about our venue are the huge oak trees around the grounds. They add so much to the space and I can't imagine the place without them. There's one tree in particular that acts as the ceremony focus point. We will be getting married under the tree in June! Since the space around the tree is very plain and rustic, think dirt and leaves, I've been looking for ways to dress up the aisle without taking away from the beautiful tree. Here are a few ideas I keep getting drawn to.

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I love the idea of shepherds hooks with mason jars. They go perfectly with my venue and look beautiful down the aisle. Or the cultural idea of 1000 cranes. I absolutely love how these are displayed between two oak trees.  And drapping on beautiful linen between the branches, so gorgeous and romantic.

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These are the trees we'll be getting married under this summer. It's such a blank slate to work with, I can't wait to decide on the look. I'm in love with the rose petals down the aisle and the gorgeous dahlia tied to the chairs is soft and pretty.

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Other ideas might be petal designs down the aisle, a lace runner to walk down on, petals all the way down acting as a runner, or little tins holding flowers to add some pretty to the space.