What could have been {Winter wedding inspiration}

We are getting married in July, an absolutely stunning time of year in Sonoma County--not too hot and humid, rarely rainy and foggy, overall, pretty perfect weather. Despite our chosen date, I've found myself fantasizing about winter weddings. There's something so picturesque and magical about winter weddings that I find pretty unique. We went to a beautiful winter wedding last year, of my good friend Marian, and it remains one of the most memorable weddings we've attended. While we're set in our date, and in our summer wedding plans, here are a few things that would inspire me if I were planning a winter wedding.


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 Here's one of many gorgeous photos from my friend Marian's wedding, taken by the super-talented Alison Yin. (Marian's wedding was recently featured on Rock N' Roll Bride here!)

Source: Alison Yin Photography 

How do seasons inspire your wedding plans?