Saving Our Date

Ohh…the Save the Dates. Before getting engaged I always loved receiving couples' Save the Dates in the mail. I love stationary and seeing what other couples’ chose to represent themselves and their future wedding was so fun and exciting! Well then it was time for us to figure out Save the Dates and boy, did the fun kind of get lost in the shuffle. First finding the style was an issue in itself, my fiance and I just couldn’t agree. Then it was the guest list and finally the addressing, stamping, labeling, and sealing of 115 envelopes is where I almost lost it. Those cute, exciting announcements almost caused a mini meltdown. Especially when I was on my last page of labels and I accidentally printed the wrong addresses. Ugh anyways, enough with my rant. Since I love stationary, I looked at lots of options from Internet stores, brick and mortar, and DIY options. We ended up choosing something from PaperSource which we both agreed fit our style the best. Here are a few of my very favorites that we didn't end up choosing:

Source: Pretty Chic SF via Etsy

Source: Ladyfingers Letterpress

Source: Minted