Perfect Gifts

Whether I like it or not, the holidays are upon us! Here are just a few things I have found recently that I am totally dying over! Consider each of these loves on my wish list this year :)

1.  Polar Stones: Super awesome! I bought a pack as a Christmas gift and they sent me a sample pack to try out! I'm totally in love with the idea behind them. Freeze the stones and add them to your drink. As opposed to ice, it doesn't water the drink down (and being the uber slow drinker that I am, everything tends to get watered down) which I love. And how stylish are these?

2. Swanlake: My next obsession is this insanely awesome necklace! I really want one right about now! I'm such a fan of oversized chunky jewelry that this piece is a little subdued for me, but I'm sure I would actually wear it if I had it :)

3. Let's Go Anywhere: LOVE. That is all there is to it. This is insanely amazing, perfect for my office.

And you can present a gift without the perfect wrapping paper. Check out this DIY watercolor wrapping paper.