Celebration Libations

When it comes to libations, there are not many drinks that my fiance and I will turn down. For our wedding we want to offer our guest a plethora of options. We like the idea of welcoming guests with a cocktail before the ceremony and have been playing around with the idea of something with lavender to take advantage of local ingredients.

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An agua fresca bar incorporating fresh local fruit like strawberries and oranges is also on our wish list.

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As well as a bourbon bar.

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Personally, I don't think one can go wrong with a champagne cocktail or classic champagne.

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With the Central Coast being well-known for its wines, we plan to serve wine from some of our favorite local wineries as well as beer from local micro-breweries.


Something tells me our guests will have no problem quenching their thirst. How did you decide what to serve for you wedding?