Strengthen Your Brand With Film - A Workshop

Super excited to announce our very first strengthen your brand day! That's right vendors, this post is for you! Find out how this workshop can help you broaden your online presence and in turn give potential clients insight into your brand! Films are an increasingly popular way to give potential clients insight into you and your company. Telling your story and showcasing your personality does wonders for the brides who is judging who to book based off a website and portfolio. Let them get to know you! We feel that it is incredibly important to help vendors obtain a well-crafted film to showcase on their website without paying the big bucks! (On average a video of this length is quoted at over $2,000!).

Strengthen your brand, tell your story and show off your skills in a 90 second video. All in a few hours!

Interested? Apply at:

How it works: You'll be given a color palette and mood board (although we are totally happy to hear your ideas in terms of style and colors!) and will prepared your portion of a styled photoshoot (if you are a florist, you'll do the flowers, photographers will shoot a vignette that is already set up, etc). We will capture you working your magic as well as hosting a small interview telling us a bit about you!

You will receive a film that you can add to your website giving brides a glimpse into your personality, brand and style of work! From there, let the bookings begin!