Honoring Mom and Dad

First an update on my frustrated and frantic blog post from a while back about where in the hell to try on headpieces. After hours of online research, I visited the Sarah Seven shop in San Francisco last week to try on their headpieces. And guess who I ran into? No one other than the fabulous Allison Silber! She was an enormous help, giving me advice on which headpiece looked best with my dress and how in the world you're supposed to wear a bridal cap. Also, kindly pointing out when something was a belt, and not a headband :) I am very happy and relieved to have found a beautiful headband by Sarah Seven, which looks fabulous with my dress. I can't wait to show you guys in a few weeks!

Alright, now onto my issue of the week: Gifts for parents.

I know not everyone gets a gift for their mother or father, but in my case, they have been kind enough to significantly help pay for the wedding. I feel like the least I can do is give them a meaningful gift to thank them for their support. Unfortunately, when you type "mother of the bride gift" into google, you have to sift through lots of lots of photos of frames and handkerchiefs. Those just aren't my mom's style. So here are some other ideas I came up with that might be nice for moms!

Dogeared makes so many different necklaces that come with a variety of sweet sentiments. This one is my favorite.

Necklace by Dogeared

A promise to write letters to each other for years to come.

Mother & Daughter Letter Book by Uncommon Goods

I love this locket because you can see whatever you put in it. Whether that is a photo or a dried flower, mom can show it off in a modern and sophisticated locket.

Glass Locket by BHLDN

I also had the same trouble with looking for gifts for my dad! There are a million little trinkets that say things like "Today a bride, forever your little girl." My dad and I don't have that type of relationship, so I had to get creative when it came to what I wanted to give my father.

Here is a traditional, but classy set of cufflinks that would be fun to give him on the big day!

Father of the Bride Cufflinks by Micky Chase Jewelry

I also love the idea of getting him cufflinks that bring back good memories of a tradition you may have had. For example, Kyle and his father used to sail together.

Sailboat cufflinks from BHLDN

Or if dad is a musician, this personalized guitar pick, customized to whatever you want it to say, is really sweet.

Custom guitar pick by Tag You're It Jewelry

What did you give your parents on your wedding day? Was it something personal that only you two would understand? Or was it a cute, traditional "mother of the bride" or "father of the bride" gift?