Photographic Memories

This week we have been on the hunt for our wedding photographer. I thought that picking a wedding photographer would be one of our easier decisions. After spending hours and hours pouring over wedding photographer websites, I now know that finding someone who can take the candid photos we love is not an easy task. I'll be the first to admit that I can look super awkward in photos.  My fake smile looks forced and I look uncomfortable (because I am!). So, finding a photographer who can capture our wedding story with candid photos like the photos below is very important to me.

First Look

Sources: Sarah Culver Photography & Kyle Hepp

For more amazing first look photos, check out this article.

Happy Tears

Source: Sarah Culver Photography

After all of this photographer searching, I have learned that there are primarily three different approaches to wedding photography: traditional (more posed), photojournalistic (more candid) and artistic (clearly more artsy). We want a photographer who is primarily photojournalistic who can capture the entirety of our special day from the mascara application to the last dance of the night.

Sources: Future Weddings, Wild Flowers Photography & Sarah Culver Photography

I finally feel like we are starting to make some headway. We skyped with one photographer yesterday who we absolutely loved, but happens to live across the country. I also discovered the Wedding Photojournalistic Association which has been a great resource because it provides pricing estimates and lists photographers by region.

Sources: Future Wedding, Adria Lindquist & Lulu Photo

How did you decide on your wedding photographer? How many photographers did you meet/Skype with before you found THE one?