Cruising Through Your Honeymoon

Have you ever considered a cruise? Until recently, the concept didn't seem all too appealing to me, but with a short amount of time to getaway and a huge list of "must-sees" I started warming up to the idea.

The locations on my agenda are Italy + Greece. Ideally, I would like to fly into Italy, stay there for 2 nights, then embark on a fabulous 12 day cruise to the islands of Greece. After much research of all the cruise lines, packages, prices, etc. I became partial to Holland America. Cruise ships are super small so I want something that is at least luxurious in the process. They offered tons of packages (although none were totally exact) I found a few I would   Mediterranean Romance was nice, but Mediterranean Tapestry was the clear winner. Road map listed below:

The prices are affordable (since ship quarters are tight, I would opt for at least Ocean View if not Verandah). Total trip cost: under $6,000 for two people. Not to mention the lack of stress that occurs when you choose the all-inclusive route.

Would you cruise for your honeymoon? How about as an anniversary trip?