Crazy for Confetti

Now that our venue is about 98% booked (just waiting for them to confirm that they received our check in the mail), I can start to think about some of the smaller details for our wedding, like confetti! Who doesn't love confetti and the awesome photo ops it provides?

Source: Tamara Lackey Photography

For our wedding, I would love to have something colorful thrown at us our way back down the aisle after we are pronounced husband and wife. Colorful possibilities include flower petals, colorful sprinkles, paper confetti (would have to be biodegradable for our venue), pom poms, dried lavender or streamers.

Source: EP Love

So, how did the rice/confetti tradition come about? Throwing rice at a newlywed couple is an ancient tradition that is meant to bring good luck, and more importantly, it symbolizes fertility. Sounds great to me! Unfortunately rice throwing is an ancient tradition now mostly because venues don’t allow it.

Sources:1, Braedon Flynn & Diana Rush

If you have spent anytime on the Pinterest wedding boards, you have probably already seen the above pin that tells brides to throw sprinkles at their wedding instead of rice because the photos will turn out amazing. I love anything sugary, so incorporating sprinkles sounded fun to me until I read wedding coordinator Danielle Pasternak's advise. She points out that, "if any of your guests hands are sweating as they are holding the sprinkles – or if it’s a little humid out – the color from the sprinkle will loosen and very likely end up on your gorgeous, white gown." So, sprinkles are off the table for us.

Sources: Closer To Love & KT Merry Photography

I am leaning towards having lavender tossed because it would be easy to acquire (locally it grows like a weed), it fits with our venue, and has an amazing color and aroma.


Sources: 1Dixie Pixel PhotographyShell de Mar

Are you planning on having anything tossed, thrown or shaken at your wedding? How did you decide?