A Little Planning and A Lot of Everyday Life

Source: A Beach Cottage

I've discovered a flaw in our thought process in choosing an all inclusive venue and DIY-ing the rest...the lull between doing the big stuff. Lately life has been filled with many non-wedding things and the days with wedding planning is a bit of time for the small stuff life making a list of DIY's to complete and setting reminders (way in the future) for things that have to wait to be done.. It's funny because I really wanted to embrace this time and while I appreciate one less thing to worry about each day, I kinda wish I had it as a distraction.  In fact you see that beach up there? I'd very much like to be there right now with my lists and new issue of Martha Stewart Weddings. Between a new schedule for the Mister and I, side jobs and planning where we're going to live together, I'm a bit overwhelmed.

Did any of you experience this? Did you worry about getting behind or did you soak up the time spent away from your weeding Pinterest board and endless lists of "must get done right now"? A huge part of me wants to just fast forward to the good stuff (you know the I'm so busy with wedding things" part right before our wedding day).

Luckily all this extra time lets us stretch out things like creating out Save-The-Dates and slowly putting together our registry. I will just enjoy this while I can and wait patiently for the next wave of to-dos. Until then, I will be day dreaming about that beach and coming here to share my inspiration and little victories.

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