Venue Love

Have I told you that I absolutely love our (hopeful) wedding venue? Finding it was probably one of the easiest parts of the planning process so far. Locking in our reservation has been another story. Last February when we decided that we wanted to get married locally, an internet search for Ojai wedding photos yielded many of the breathtaking photos below.

Source: Jessica Loren Organic Photography

Our favorites were taken at The Dent House, a private estate located in the heart of Matilija Canyon. Now, almost eight months later, we are excited and relieved to be finalizing our venue.  Yesterday, the four page rental agreement arrived in my inbox! Luckily my fiance is a lawyer, so I am hoping that the whole daunting contract process will be more of a breeze.  As we read through the agreement, I am realizing more than ever all of the little details we will need to work out to make sure our special day goes off without a hitch.

Sources: Kurt Boomer Photo, Jessica Loren Organic Photography

With this venue we will need to bring in everything from tables and chairs, to bathrooms and a generator. We know this will be more work than a traditional wedding venue, but it will also allow for endless creative possibilities for all aspects of the wedding.

Sources: Kurt Boomer Photography

With gorgeous natural scenery, another huge perk is that we will be able to take all of our wedding photos on-site.

Sources: Braedon Photography, Kurt Boomer Photo

Do you have any pointers for finalizing a venue rental? What do you think are the most important things to look out for?