It's in the Mail....

Invites that is!! I am so happy to say that I finally accomplished getting all of our invites in the mail. Boy did I under estimate how time consuming this project was going to be. Invites have probably been the hardest thing for me to get inspired about. Their are so many options out there and it started to get overwhelming trying to pick a style, the wording, and the packaging. I really wanted our invites to be a reflection of us; a little creative, charming and all around unique. These were some of my inspirations when choosing our final design.


Source: 1 & 2

Here is the final product. I used Anna Malie Designs to create our invites, rsvp cards and direction cards. We decided to create a tips for our wedding on the back of the direction card. We included details like recommendations of where to stay in the area, where we are registered, and our wedding website. I also included tips that I know I would have love to have as a wedding guest, such as a suggestion to bring a sweater as the venue is next to the Sacramento River and wearing shoes that are suitable for walking in grass. So far everyone has loved these suggstions and said that they appriciated the "tips".  

We created our own envelope liners using some tips from this tutorial and packaged the invites along using bakers twine to tie them together.   My biggest recommendation when it comes to invites is to not be afraid to do something different. Allow yourself plenty of time to create, edit and print your invites. Invites should go in the mail at 8-6 weeks before your wedding. We got our in just under the 6 week maker which was cutting it a little close.  So what do you guys think?? Do you like the idea of a "tips" card to give your guest a few extra details?


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