The Second Most Important Attire {Grooms Wear}

The bride's dress usually steals the show, but I think the groom also needs to get a little love in the attire department and what he is sporting on the big day.


My Mr definitely had an opinion about what he wanted to wear, which I love. No, he did not pick out a powder blue suit, but he did have an opinion on what the groomsmen wore and how coordinated all the guys looked. We decided to rent the suits for the guys as our bridal state is spread throughout the state. To help us in the decision making we also brought along the best man so we had a final decision maker.

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I am very pleased to report that both guys picked the same suit and tie the minute that we walked into the tux rental shop. I automatically loved what they picked and couldn't be happier with the choice. Here is a little inspiration board that I put together before we went searching just to give the people at the store an idea of what we were looking for and styles the guys preferred.


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Here are a few tips that will help make getting your groom outfitted an enjoyable and easier processes:

  • Bring a swatch of the fabric that matches your dress. You wouldn't believe how many shades of white there are out there. Having the swatch with you will allow you to see how your dress is going to look next to your groom and the groomsmen and ensure that you compliment each other.
  • Along with a swatch of your dress also bring a swatch of the bridesmaids dresses. This will make it easier to match colors and ensure they don't compete.
  • Book an appointment! Not only does this ensure that you will get in and out of the store in a reasonable time, but some store give you a kick back because you booked an appointment. In our case, the whole party got their shoes upgraded.
  • Even if you didn't attend a bridal show, ask anyways about bridal show discounts and specials. Often times the salesperson will extend the offer to you even if you didn't attend. In our case, we received several gift cards and the Mr's tux complimentary. It doesn't hurt to ask!
  • Ask if the store actually has samples available for your guy to try on. This was a big thing for me and my Mr. I am a very visual person an ordering an entire outfit from a small swatch of fabric scared me. Not to mention you don't see how the whole thing will look  until a few days before the wedding when you pick up your rental. We actually ended up changing where we got our grooms wear from because of this. The rental company that we ended up choosing actually does a grooms preview. Think second fitting for the groom. They will bring the shirt, pants, jacket and all the accessories that you ordered and allow the groom to try it out and make sure you are happy with what you will be getting for the big day. I am very excited to see the whole thing put together when we go back in September.

So, what did you do for grooms wear? Rent? Buy? I want to know!