Finding Wedding Invitation Design Inspiration in Unique Places

Recently I have been playing around just a little bit with Photoshop. Once I started getting into it more I found the importance of getting inspired to create something on your own. This got me thinking even more about the places we turn to for wedding inspiration print design. Exposure to all types of design be it branding, poster work, typography aid in the final product of your wedding invitations. Here are a few ideas from ordinary places that would inspire some awesome wedding invitations.

Speaking of, I'l go ahead and show off my latest little project. The Lab is a bridal event I co-founded that takes place in Sonoma, CA each year. This year we are working on our look and creating our identity. I took a stab at the logo (which wasn't easy might I add) and finally, 200 versions later, I finally have something I am proud of and that I love. If you are planning on doing your own wedding invitations, get inspired in a variety of areas, maybe something you like online, branding you love, or the design of a favorite restaurant the two of you share. Then work and work and work at it. It will come along to be something that you are proud of. Don't give up after the 50th time. I tell you, it is worth it in the end!

So, what do you think?? Did I do a good job??