Pinky Flower Power

This past week I had the pleasure of having my first meeting with my amazing florist Jackie, of Jackie's Flowers. I haven't met with Jackie regarding my flower choices since December of last year, and I was surprised at how my choices in flower have changed.

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When I first started wedding planning and gathering inspiration on my Pintrest, I loved the look of light pink and ivory flowers, peonies and plush garden roses.


As time has gone on and we have selected our bridesmaids & groomsman's attire, invitations, and all of the other color elements I decided that I wanted more variety in my color pallet. Enter the fabulous trend that is ombre.

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I love the freedom that the ombre looks allows. We aren't stuck with matching one color but can have the full spectrum of color. Jackie and I worked through all of the color and flower options and I am very excited to incorporate the ombre color pallet with the vintage doors, bottles and wood crates that the amazing Jackie is going to create. Here's some of the inspiration that we are pulling from to bring the whole look together

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