From Fantasy to Reality!

If you can't tell already, I have quite an obsession with vintage cars and motorcycles. I've already written two blogs about it and had to restrain myself from writing every single blog about these beauties. Well, to fill you in on a few gaps... pretty much since the day Kyle proposed, we talked about driving off from our wedding in something that sputters and spits oil, but has so much character I could burst. We spent the first few months trying to sort out how we could get a motorcycle with a sidecar. Turns out they're not as easy to rent as I had hoped. Like, not at all available. Then, if you want to buy one, you either need to get a knock off Dnepr that isn't quite drivable or a way-to-expensive new Ural. So, sadly, one night we put that dream to bed.

Wild Weddings, photos by Nick and Bella

So next I started looking into renting a vintage car, but let me tell you, those are hard to come by! Although you can hire those beautiful old Rolls Royces instead of a limo fairly easily, finding a fun little vintage sports car that someone else will trust you to drive is a difficult thing. Finally I found a fantastic Porsche 550 Spyder replica (originally made famous by James Dean) that you could rent by the day. Success!


And that was our plan for the getaway car and wedding weekend fun car. That is until my dream car showed up for sale in our town. The car I've been dreaming about for years, that is quite difficult to come by, was for sale. It wasn't in perfect condition, but we can't afford perfect condition, so this was as close as we would get. After all, we had been saving for years for this exact reason.


We went to go check out this 1957 Triumph TR3 this past weekend, and the second we got into the car to take it for a test drive, I leaned over to Kyle, my eyes brimming with tears, and said "We have to have this car. This is it."

Needless to say, we made a deal that day. Well, today we were finally able to pick it up and drive it home to our very own garage!!! I can hardly believe that my dream car is really here! I'm BURSTING with excitement, I can hardly stand it. Here's my very own James Dean driving it home.

She needs a little love, but here is what we hope to turn her into over time.


So we finally have the vintage transportation I've been swooning over and I can't wait to show you pictures from our wedding featuring the new addition!!

Okay, now off to go sit in the car like an idiot.