Black Beauty

Fashion is all about taking a new spin on traditional things. And that's what Vera Wang attempted to do in her Fall 2012 Bridal Collection, debuting all BLACK wedding dresses. Having a black wedding dress can take your wedding to a whole new level. It moves away from the pure, traditional, and classic bride- and transitions into this edgy, modern, rocker-chic/gothic bride. It displays a whole new message. Some of them can look at it as 'witchy' or 'tainted,' but Vera Wang describes it as "fresh" and "tongue in cheek."

Personally, I love the idea of a non-white wedding dress. The modern bride has so many new contemporary craftiness that can really show the personality, honesty, and spunkiness of the bride. And really, it reads black as something completely different- not always being associated with darkness and unfriendliness but with this new kind of beauty, a new kind of angelic-ness. This is a great look for the bold bride.

Though black may not be the wedding gown preference for all brides, there's no denying that black brings some breath-taking awe for the looker.


And imagine all the different wedding decor, DIY projects, venues, and styles that you could corporate it with it. It breaks all conventional rules and gives you something very new to work with. It's amazing how much a wedding dress can have an impact on the whole wedding itself.

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