Final Post!

I cannot believe this is my final pre-wedding post. {Almost} all of the final details have been finalized, although I am still pulling my hair out over a few things. I tackled a lot in the past few weeks, DIY-ing like crazy and, according to my fiance, taking on way too many projects, but I do think my hard work paid off and I cannot wait for you to see what we have come up with! Burlap played a bigger role than I originally imagined but I love how it added a bit of rustic charm to my otherwise romantic affair. I am proud to say I have stuck very closely to my original inspiration, which I have included here.

I enjoyed blogging here every week and will miss preparing my posts. I so enjoyed writing about my wedding planning progress that this journey inspired me to start a new wedding blog- The East Coast Bride. Check it out and be sure to check in with me if you do! Wish me luck and thank you for reading!