Take a Seat! {Creative Escort Card Displays}

The last "big" thing on my list (invitations) will be in the mail next week, so I'm officially ready to begin crafting! And I have to say, I'm quite excited! This weekend, Dan and I took a trip to Urban Ore (a fantastic salvage shop in Berkeley selling anything you could possibly image; it is great for crafty inspiration) to start getting some inspiration for our escort card displays. I know I want them to hang in some way and was on the hunt for interesting windows, shutters, frames or other items that could make a fantastic display.

We didn't get anything on this trip, but it definitely got the wheels turning. I'm loving some of these ideas. We could go vintage, classic, modern, rustic and anywhere in between!

Source: Tree, Wooden Posts, Twig Frame, Wooden Frame, Door, Gate, Modern Frame

One idea that we're leaning towards is displaying the escort cards on a cork board. But we don't want just basic cork. I love the idea of painting the board in an interesting pattern, covering it in fabric (or this AWESOME coffee sack!) or even having it in a fun shape! And this board made of wine corks could be a great touch for our wine country wedding. These would each be so cute with some colorful escort cards.

Sources: Striped, Numbers, Coffee Sack, Wine Corks, Ampersand, Fabric

You savvy brides out there have probably seen escort card displays with shutters, windows and doors a dozen times before. And while I think they are totally charming and great ideas, I came across some more unique ideas in my sourcing for this week's post that might spark your creativity. How fun are these?!

This one is so gorgeous! These colored plastic gems would also be so cute for an engagement party or shower decor.

Source: Boat, Firewood, Billy Balls, Wreath, Birds, Jewels

Once we decide what to do and get crafting, I'll share our DIY work here! Do you have any unique escort card display ideas?