Planning Progress Report {Nine-ish Months}

So I have to admit, having an all inclusive venue and very little planning to do on my own has been pretty tough. Checking off so many tasks at once has left me a bit wedding restless. Since there isn't a time machine to take me to the week before our big day I've been keeping myself busy and when my involvement in planning the wedding is needed, I drag it out as much as possible. I've even made the standard two meetings that are typical for planning with this venue into four different meetings and I'm hoping I can squeeze in one more. On the topic of planning meetings, we recently hashed out most of the big details. Unfortunately we weren't able to chose the ceremony site since the second site isn't yet done and though we really love the ceremony site that is completed (if you could only see it my friends!) we really want to see how the second one will turn out. We're also really torn about which site to have our reception. Inside vs. outside has been our biggest see-saw the entire time. We've actually had our hearts set on a complete outdoor wedding since day one, but this place has so much to offer that we really want people to experience the entire place.  Luckily our coordinator is very understanding and we also have lots of time before we have to finalize those decisions.

During our meeting we also got to meet our DJ. I've pretty much left the Mister with music duty, and of course I'm helping. Our DJ was super helpful and really cool. He was really good about asking what type of music we wanted and making sure we didn't just go with music we're supposed to have at a wedding. He also made sure to make a list of the songs we didn't want played, which funnily enough were the songs he here's every time he asks that question. Who knew everyone hated the chicken dance? Since I'm still on the hunt for the best songs to dance to, here is some fun photos of wedding dancing fun!

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We have lots coming up that I can't wait to share including our cake appointment and our save-the-dates!

What is your favorite song to dance to at a wedding? What first dance did you share with your new husband! Share with me! 

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