Bridal Makeup & Tips for Looking Your Best On The Big Day

This past weekend I had the pleasure of doing my trial run for my makeup with Jessica, of the fabulous Polish and Pout. She was awesome to work with, and listened to all my preferences and vague descriptions of makeup preferences. Seriously; she is a miracle worker. I came in with a lot of opinions and very few examples, yet she captured exactly what I was looking for. The day before my appointment I exfoliated my face which I learned was a big no-no. I really should have done that a couple of days before and just used a good moisturizer the night before. Opps. Hey, this is all a learning curve and I will definitely not make that mistake before the big day.

Source: Wedding Chicks & Flawless Faces

I really wanted to have a very natural look to my makeup as I don't wear a lot in my day to day life.  Highlighting my features and natural beauty was the goal. As Jessica put it, "you wear the make up, it doesn't wear you".


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I loved the final look she created and I know I will look amazing on my big day. Jessica did offer a few tips that bride should remember regarding their beauty routine and the big day:

1. Don't start any new skin treatments with less than 2 months before your wedding. Should you have an allergic reaction you want to make sure that all visible signs are long gone before you say "I do".

2. The day before you wedding make sure to hydrate and drink a lot of water. Most brides don't get a lot of sleep the night before their wedding, but having that hydration will give your skin that nice glow that every bride wants and help curve tired eyes. In addition a thick moisturizer and eye cream should be used the night before to make sure your skin is all prep'd for the next day.

3. If you are going to get a spray tan before your wedding, DO NOT spray your face. Some spray tans can come out blotchy and make it hard for a makeup artist to match the color. A good makeup artist can always make you darker to match the rest of your body rather than covering up a blotchy complexion.

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Here are a few tips from me in selecting your makeup artist:

Pick someone you are going to be comfortable with. Talk with them on the phone and find out the products that they use. How long have they been doing makeup? Follow up on their website or Facebook for work samples. Most makeup artists do have a travel fee, so make sure to ask what that is going to be and run through with them the number of people that need their makeup done. Some artists may require an additional person to ensure that they can complete everyone in time for the days festivities.


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