{One Month} : Pretty Progress Report

One month. 30 days. 4 weeks. After a nearly 17 month engagement, our big day is almost here. In a recent post, Allison mentioned that there is something to be said for short engagements because you don't have time to get over-inspired.  Prior to planning a wedding I would have said that it is impossible to become over-inspired but now I see how it is completely possible! With blogs, pinterest, wedding mags, etc. it is easy to become overwhelmed with all the beautiful possibilities and veer off track from your original vision. And while sometimes these distractions are welcome, there is always the possibility they can compromise your expectations. Even though I still have so much to do, and overall, I have enjoyed the planning process, I have to admit, I am happy the planning is almost over!

floral headpieceVia Green Wedding Shoes

Fortunately, the majority of the big stuff is finished. All of our vendors have been booked. My dress has been purchased and I have already had my first fitting. The groomsmen outfits are all purchased and their accessories have been bought. My girls' dresses are already in. My family and friends threw me a gorgeous bridal shower and my bachelorette party is planned and scheduled. Our Hawaiian honeymoon is booked. I bought my rehearsal dinner dress.

Stephen Papas Photography, Brooke Images via Pinterest

People keep coming up to me, saying things like, "Oh you must have everything planned already..." or "What else can there be left to do?" While I do feel like I have the majority of things under control, I also feel as though there is so much left to do! Some things I have been thinking about and planning for a long time- the favors, for example, but I haven't made a final decision or began any DIY projects. Others, seating charts, for example, are impossible to begin until all the RSVPs have come in. (The date for this is supposed to be tomorrow, but of course, we are still waiting on a few stragglers! A few other last minute things on my list include: purchasing the bridesmaids' gifts (this will be a post of its own!), find the perfect bachelorette party dress and go shopping for the honeymoon (I'm looking forward to this task!), finalize and execute wedding favors & escort cards, attend all final meetings and print programs for the ceremony.

via Green Wedding Shoes

Just thinking about it all is overwhelming, but it is reassuring that pretty soon, all of our my hard work will pay off and we will be able to celebrate and enjoy our special day.

*Tell me- what was your most favorite aspect of wedding planning? Most dreaded?