The Traditional Guest Book

I am all for bucking tradition when it comes to weddings--it's your day and you can do whatever you want! And I love some of the alternative guest book ideas that you see while pursuing Pinterest and the blogs. We considered quite a few of these ideas--the thumb print balloons are very cute, vintage post cards could be really fun or it could be fantastic to have a piece of art signed by your friends and family to hang on your wall post-wedding. However, I've decided to stick with tradition for the wedding guest book. There is just something about being able to take the book out over the years, hold it in your hands and flip through the notes and well wishes. Plus, this could become a wonderful wedding scrapbook where we keep cards, toasts or any other favorite memories.

That said, this does not mean I need to have a white satin book with lines for each name. We can still have a little bit of fun.

There are so many GORGEOUS books with personalization options. We could go rustic...

Source: Kate and Mike, Once Upon a Time


Source: Lips & Mustache, Ampersand, Nora and Ned

...classic and romantic...

Source: Striped, Wedding Journey

...or a bit more unique. How cute is the idea of using a favorite children's book or atlas of places you've traveled together?

Sources: Kids Book, Atlas

I still want to incorporate some fun and unique ideas into the book as well. I love these "conversation starters". We also plan to leave colored pens, stickers and stamps to let our guests have a little bit of fun with their notes.

Source: Conversation Starters, Taped Notes

Are you going traditional or non-traditional for you guest book (or perhaps somewhere in between?). Share your ideas!