DIY Backyard Wedding by Pictilio + Engaged & Inspired

I wanted to post a little post about my sister's wedding with some of my favorite pics from the day. Pictilio really was incredible in the photography department and I swear they saved my life just a little bit :)

Behind the scenes, this whole process was crazy fast! I did just about every aspect of this wedding in just about 2 months. I mean EVERY aspect.

A few months back my sister got engaged. The two of them are quite busy with work so it sort of became my job to put this whole thing together. I went to LA before the wedding, we had coffee and I said, "Tell me about your wedding." Her response, "Umm why don't you tell me about my wedding!" We both laughed for a second then I spoke a mile a minute about all the ideas, asking my regular questions to find out what is next, and telling her about the place settings, the layout, and the invites I had printed and sent out.

If you don't know how a backyard wedding goes, it is nuts. Absolutely nuts. You have to create something out of nothing and that takes a lot of stuff. I brought over a lot of furniture, tons of pieces to decorate with and crafted a ton for this thing. My fabulous husband was in charge of the music and designing the programs for us. He's such a nice guy that one!

Fast-forward to the day of the wedding. Oh was that stressful. Everyone's nerves were on high so everyone just sort of set-up what they were supposed to set up then went to get ready. It was an odd dynamic and I think something that comes with the stress of "we have to create something out of nothing". And then the photographers arrived. I was far from ready and my sister was not too happy (it was POURING down rain. I know how that feels). So I told the photographers to just take her,  get them out of the house and go take some shots. They had found a spot to do the first look and they were super happy about it.

By the time they returned all the guests were seated, the rain had stopped, everything was done, the girls were lined up and ready to walk down the aisle. Perfect. :) From there it was sunny and gorgeous outside, everyone had a fabulous time, and all the stressing and craziness that had been going on inside me for about 2 months was over. She looked gorgeous and everyone was loving it.

I have said to before and I will say it again, a short engagement is a fabulous thing. You don't have time to get over-inspired, waver on decisions, or put off making decisions all together. I swear, things just get done :)

As for the music, we decided to create a Spotify playlist. Each playlist can be found here (CeremonyCocktail HourDinnerWedding Playlist)

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I will be posting some more DIY tutorials in the near future (check out the guest book DIY tutorial I posted here) but if you have any questions on where I got things and how I created this event, feel free to comment or e-mail and I am happy to answer any questions!