now for the details {table settings}

159 days and counting until I become Mrs. DiCarlo. Now that I have surpassed the 6 month mark, it feels like time is just flying by! Surprisingly, I am very relaxed. I have been extremely organized in my planning thus far, and just last week I checked off some BIG items.

  • Bridesmaids dresses- check!
  • DJ- check!
  • Officiant- check!
  • Videographer & photographer- double check!

The next meeting I have with my wedding planner will be with the florist, then the bakery to do some cake tasting!

If you've been following me along on this journey, my love for succulents is hard to ignore. My biggest challenge now is incorporating the flowers I love into a table setting that is affordable and reflects my style. I'm envisioning something simple, elegant, and a bit mid-century chic. Here are some images that have inspired me so far:

What's your table style? Simple & chic, grand elegance, or perhaps somewhere in between? Feel free to share your thoughts and ideas!