Create Beautiful Wedding Websites with Weduary

I like to keep you all super updated on all the websites and apps that can help you plan your wedding much more efficiently, so today I must share something totally awesome (that just launched on Monday) with you all. When your husband is a designer, you really miss out on some of the things you would go through in the wedding process. Invitations, for example, were rather easy since I could just send him inspiration and he would design something. No spending endless hours finding invites that are not super cheesy, not overly expensive and not popular. Much different than the norm, I know.

A question I get ALL the time, "where to find a good wedding website company?". Seriously, I get it all the time. Again, I never had to look at those horrific  themes and try to make something pretty. Instead, my husband designed and built a site for us. (I'm started to realize that I might be a little spoiled here.) My answer on wedding websites has always been "ummm...I don't know", until now. Introducing Weduary.

This new site has template websites that are actually....wait for it.....good! This has been a need for a very long time, so if you are just getting into your wedding planning, you're really lucky that this resource has come about just in time.

The above is a free template. There are a few free options (which of course have several color options). Below are options you can pay for, but it is only $20. I'll tell you right now, you can't find a $20 website anywhere else :)

Remember the slogan of Weduary is "social wedding websites"? Well, here we go! You can invite friends to view your wedding site through email or even Facebook. I don't think sending information about your wedding through Facebook  is tacky unless you forgo actual invitations.

Each wedding website that you build through Weduary comes with lots of fun and useful features. Check out just some of the things you can do when you create a free Weduary site.

What do you guys think of this new wedding website builder? Does it fulfill the need of a pretty wedding site that you have been searching for? Would love to hear your thoughts and if anyone else is using it!