Inspired by Gatsby

When Kyle and I got engaged, I hadn't really ever thought about the sort of wedding I wanted. I was definitely not one of those girls who grew up fantasizing about the ring, the dress, the cake, and so on. Occasionally I thought about the music or the girls I would have standing beside me, but that's about it. But when Kyle proposed and I actually got to start fantasizing about what kind of party I would throw, I immediately went to The Great Gatsby. Specifically, Gatsby's lawn parties with millions of people dancing the Charleston, a huge jazz band on stage, flowing champagne in coupe glasses, and fabulously clothed guests!

So we went on a search to find the perfectly grand venue, where we could have our giant jazz band, champagne, and try and be as fabulously dressed as possible. Well, we soon realized that wasn't going to happen for a number of reasons. One, there's just NOTHING on the west coast even remotely as grand as those old Long Island and New England mansions. Two, as I've mentioned before, finding a venue that would allow us to have whatever musicians and whatever instruments we wanted was very difficult!

The venue we finally chose is beautiful and old, but a bit more rustic than we had initially planned. So we've veered a bit from our initial vision. But we still have the fabulous band, the champagne, and some great clothes! But because I still love the inspiration that The Great Gatsby provides, here are some swoon-worthy images from the film.



All the photos above are from the 1974 film The Great Gatsby, and were sourced from Visuelle Magazine

I spent last weekend at the Millennium Biltmore in downtown Los Angeles, and was inspired all over again. That place was dripping with the class, fun, and grandeur or the '20s and '30s. If anyone is in southern California and looking for a classic venue like this, I recommend checking this place out. I would have died to host a party there! They even hosted the Academy Awards in 1937.

Girl Meets Soup

Any other brides out there inspired by the 1920s? Are you incorporating any elements from this era into your wedding? Share your inspiration with me! I just love this stuff!

P.S. I'm cautiously anticipating the remake that's coming out later this year. Do you think it will be as good as Coppola's 1974 film adaptation?