Sneak Peek: Number Two

I’m back with a few more words of wisdom, and to share just a few more pictures with all of you.

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff.  I think everyone tells you this, but it’s so true.  The morning of the wedding the hair salon called me to say the stylist who I’d had my trial with (it was not my regular salon) had come down with the stomach flu!  They said she was ‘trying to get herself together to come in’…to which I said, no way!!  I told them I’d take someone else; no chance was I was going to be sick on my honeymoon.    And it turned out the backup stylist did an even better job than the original stylist did, so I was thrilled.  It could have been a big deal, but I decided not to let it be that way.  And, it all worked out for the best.

I think it’s important to just decide on the wedding morning to make the best out of everything, for the most part it’s too late to change things, so why worry about it?  So my advice is to make a conscious decision to let unexpected things slide.  Don’t let them ruin your day, it’s not worth it.

Be in the Moment.  So many times I have been to weddings where the bride & groom later say it passed by in a blur.  I definitely did not want that, and knew that I would have to make an effort to stay focused in the moment.  I honestly felt calm and relaxed the whole night.  Yes, the night went by fast – but it certainly was not a blur and I think you have to keep reminding yourself to soak it all in.  Don't let the night pass you by too quickly.  Be present in the moment, you'll be glad you did.

All photos by Sanderson Images

It's been a blast blogging here for all of you, I will definitely share more wedding pictures when we get them.  And if you want to keep up with me you can follow me here or here.  :)