For The Love of Floral Theory

This post is very long overdue, I'm talking, a year or two overdue, but here we are. Our 1 year anniversary is coming up quick (this weekend to be exact), so I have felt the need to look through some of the photos yet again, and that is where I found these two gems.

It is very hard to explain the type of bride that I was, but I'll try. I was obsessed with everything and had a very hard time curating and making decisions. I slowly put together a fabulous team of vendors to help me carry out my vision. One of those was a new friend of mine that I met via Twitter. (I can't say this is the first person or only one.....Twitter is awesome) Yasmin of Floral Theory was my gal. And oh do I feel sorry for her! I was one of those crazy people that changes their mind and their plans every other day, and she was just so amazing during the whole process, nudging me along without making me feel nudged, until finally I landed in the ballpark of what I wanted.

I remember being on the phone with her and finally realizing that if I leave it all to her, she is going to make it amazing. What did I know about flowers? She is a much better judge of what is going on in the floral world. And that is where I realized there is so much more to it than what bouquets and flowers you like, there is oh so much more! Over the past year I have learned so much more about the industry as a whole, and honestly I would have done everything a lot different, ie. leave it up to the professionals to understand and execute my vision without micro-managing.

At one point I am pretty sure I released control and let her run with it (at least I think I did that....she might have a different side of the story! hehe)

Fast forward to the wedding day. I can't even begin to explain my feelings that day, it as a huge jumble of one thing after the other. The one thing I remember about that day was the moment I stepped foot onto Holman Ranch. I wasn't obsessed with the "details" because it was cool and it was the thing to do. Nope, I was obsessed because pretty things and fabulous details and that creative outlet that I had been able to take full advantage of for the past year plus was surrounding me and enveloping me. This was my vision, my life for basically a year and here it was. I didn't care about trends, I cared about the fact that this was me, and this was our wedding. I craft things, I build things, and here it was, right here in front of me.

This is the moment when I knew that I made the right decisions, that I hired people that truly understood me and carried out my vision. When Yasmin gave me my bouquet, it was literally the prettiest thing I had ever seen. She created something that has my inspiration all over it, but took it to a whole new level, that I couldn't have dreamed up on my own!

I decided to do something a little different for the gals! I had SO many paper flowers, and combining them with a bit of cotton was the perfect way to give my girls something rustic and awesome.

Overall, I was so insanely happy with the florals from my wedding and the job she did. Since our wedding day I have been lucky enough to chat more and more with Yasmin and together we have created some awesome stuff using my crafty skills and her amazing talent for florals. I am so happy for the friendship that we have created and thrilled that we have the chance to work together in the future!

All that being said, I'm pretty sure it is evident that if anyone needs a florist, Floral Theory is your go-to gal!