Wedding Rings

Last weekend, Dan and I did something I have been looking forward to since we became engaged...we  bought our wedding bands! I don't know that I ever actually shared what my engagement ring looks like, so I found this one on pinterest that looks almost identical to my actual ring.

When we went to the jeweler, I tried on a few different styles.

I ultimately ended up going with something similar to my original vision, but with more detail and a bit of a vintage feel.

one, two, three, four, five

We thought we would have to order the ring in my size, but the ring actually fit perfectly and the owner even let me take the ring home to show family, before paying for it. I am so happy with the ring we found and I keep opening the box to take a peek!

Here is a picture of the actual ring:

*What is/was your wedding band vision? Did you know what you wanted or go with something completely unexpected?