Affordable Shades of Grey {bridesmaids dresses}

Now that I have hired a wedding coordinator I feel like a lot of things are falling into place. For example, we finally hired a photographer!!! What a relief! The next step in that area is locking down a cinematographer and an officiant (expect a post on that soon). In a couple of weeks we are interviewing 2 officiants, a DJ, then visiting a florist...and that's all in one day!  Now that a lot of the big aspects of my planning are almost complete it's time to revisit the bridesmaids dress hunt. You may have read my original post about bridesmaids dresses. Since then, one thing is for sure now: I want grey dresses for my maids. What's not for sure is the style... long, short, mixed styles, etc.

Last night I was watching the movie "Bridesmaids" and I had to laugh when one of the women suggested they choose a dress that was $800. That amount is ridiculous, which many would agree. However, I also think anything north of $250 is absurd. When I first started casually looking at dresses for my girls I discovered that finding something affordable would be a challenge.

My best friend Shana is getting married this June and found fabulous bridesmaids dresses at They have every style imaginable and tons of colors to choose from, and they are AFFORDABLE!!! The one piece of advice she gave me was make sure you see the color in person and have one of your girls try on the style you like. This seems like a no-brainer, but can you imagine just ordering online then finding out later that the cut and color you chose was unflattering in person? What I also like about Dessy is that they will tell you the nearest store to you where you can see the dresses in person. Awesome!

Here are just some of the styles I like from the Dessy Group that are affordable (less than $250).

Any other suggestions for affordable bridesmaids dresses?  Please share your ideas and websites!