Appy Couple :: Create Your Own Mobile Wedding Site

There are two things I love, weddings & technology. When the two combine I just get far too excited to see what the awesome possibilities it will bring about. And today, we are talking wedding apps + wedding websites, combined! This world is definitely going mobile so there isn't any reason why the wedding industry can't do the same. Brides, check out this awesome new iPhone/Android app that takes care of the wedding website that so many are opting for these days. Appy Couple allows you to create a wedding mobile app for your guests.

My husband made our wedding website so I honestly never had to go through the issues of finding the perfect design and creating a website for myself. But after speaking to A LOT of you (it might be the number one question I get asked, where is there a good wedding website company) I understand what you go through to try your best to find the closest thing that fits your style. That is why I get so excited about Appy Couple. It allows you to create your own wedding mobile app that fits your style, is filled with your photos, and resonates the uniqueness of you at least more than some of the traditional wedding sites out there.

I love the design, look at how easy it is to get started!

Check out this theme, definitely better than most out there, don't you think?

Looks like the only way to get started is to request an invite right now. I did have a chance to play with the demo a little bit, and it looks like it could actually be a really good resource, and if nothing else, I totally different way to go about the traditional website. Maybe I get excited because I literally don't put my phone down for more than 5 minutes, so I get how this could be of use.

I'm definitely excited to see more from Appy Couple and see how it really does work in real time with real weddings. If they added in a gallery feature so people could upload the images they take from the wedding right onto the app that would be brilliant.

Update: I just found out that they do have in-app gallery options for guests. BRILLIANT! It is so awesome that everyone can download the app for all the info about the wedding, THEN they can use it to store the photos they take the day-of so that the couple can see the wedding from so many different perspectives. OMG I just got so much more excited about this app and the possibilities it holds :)

See how excited I get? I'm telling you, it is an unhealthy obsession I have with both weddings and geeky stuff like this, and pairing the two makes me rant about the possibilities quite like I'm doing now!

Ok, who is going to give this a try??