Wedding Blog Purging

Happy Easter & Happy Spring! These spring pictures make me want to get married right now! all images via As my wedding is getting closer & closer (less than 5 months now!), I need less & less inspiration. I used to get up, look at Google Reader, check out my favorite blogs, & save my favorites. But now, as my wedding day is actually coming together, I find that wedding blogs are just overwhelming! If I find an idea that I love, I wish I would have seem it sooner. If I see an idea that I am already incorporating, I feel like it is overdone. Purging my blog reel down to my very favorites has really helped! My ideas are what I will be using, I don't need anymore inspiration. And how many of my guests are actually going to be reading wedding blogs to even know if an element of the wedding has been done before?!? Not too many.

So, on to the concrete! Most of my girls have picked out there dresses! Here are a few:


Next weekend I am moving (yay! Can't wait to have our first home : ) ) & then I will begin ordering the rest of the things we need for the wedding! Five months sounds like a lot of time, but I know it will go by so quickly! Has anyone else stopped looking at wedding inspiration? Do you feel like you are in a good place with your wedding planning?