The Story of Us :: Book Giveaway

We are excited to be part of the  Chronicle Books blog tour and offering a book giveaway to you fabulous people. This new keepsake journal, created by Tacori and Chronicle,  The Story of Us, is a great way to remember all those little details about you two.

And now for my engagement story:

I have talked about my engagement story a few times in the history of this blog but here it is again.

I can't say I wasn't waiting and waiting for a proposal (because I would never lie to you guys) and in fact I was counting the minutes until it finally happened. When we started dating in 2006 it didn't come as a surprise to a lot of people (there was quite a history there, in fact, I think our first kiss was almost 10 years ago now) and most of all it didn't come as a surprise to me. But when it happened I was sure that this would be it for both of us and that we would end up together. (I was sure of that years before even.) So after years and years of dating I was definitely ready. Every time we would go somewhere I would think, " Ok this is how he should propose...he could totally do this right here. And....I even was pretty sure it was going to happen a few times and therefore positioned myself in certain ways. I'm crazy, just in case you haven't gathered that by now.

The day that he finally did propose was well, VERY unexpected. I had a huge fashion show coming up and to say I was stressed was an understatement. I remember being really upset for someone parking too close to my car, and having a big fit about it. Seriously, I was a little nuts that night. Ian was very adement on getting our Christmas tree that night and decorating it, but I had other plans of picking up dress shipments, and having a friend come over to help with lots of stuff.

Long story short, once the tree was decorated I went to go try on the dress shipments and pair their accessories up. He kept asking me to come to the living room but I was being VERY difficult. Finally I oblique (wearing the worst clothes ever by the way...PJ pants, a huge sweatshirt). He made me sit on his lap and then just looked at me for about 5 minutes. Somewhere in there I caught on and I was in awe. He gave me a ring box and saying something (I can't really even remember, I was in such shock). Then I said, "wait, so do I open this?" I will never forget the look on his face, he was so proud of himself, it was amazing.

Ever since then people always asked why he didn't get on one knee.....So at our wedding, this happened:

For a chance to win this beautiful book, leave a comment below about your engagement story. We’ll pick a winner this Wednesday, April 11th!

So happy I was given the chance to partake in this blog tour along with Delightfully EngagedHello!LuckyApartment 34 and Valley & Co.