Honeymoon Inspiration

This week, our big project is to {finally!} book our honeymoon. Ironically, Dan and I met on vacation, but rarely vacation together. In fact, in 6 years of dating, we have not yet taken a vacation alone together just because. Sure we have gone on plenty of trips together to visit friends or family, or for destination weddings, but we have never booked a trip for the two of us, just because we wanted to. Needless to say, we are very excited.


When planning our honeymoon, we threw around a couple of ideas. We knew we wanted it to be something big and something we've never done before.

The Greek Isles?



one, two, three, four

Finally, we decided on a place I have always wanted to visit, Hawaii.

one, two, three

After everything is booked and settled I will give more details about what islands we plan to visit, but for now...any advice?