A Picture is worth 1,000 words :: {video is priceless}

It's funny how some things I thought were important to me in my planning are now not that important. For example:  when I first started planning my wedding I was sure that I wanted live music.... now I don't mind having a DJ. Vinnie and I have our growing playlist on a shared google doc and we're totally okay with having someone just pull songs from that. However, the more time has passed, the more photography has become my main focus, or concern, if you will. When it comes to budgeting, I'm willing to give a little on other things so we can have awesome photography and not have to compromise. But one thing has been added to this mix.... videography! Ever since I watched my friends Jess & Mike Haro's wedding video by Love Spun I have been SOLD on the fact that I must have quality wedding video.

Here are a couple beautiful photos from their wedding

But watch their video and you'll see why I am SO inspired to have something like this to call my own :)

Mike & Jess Haro {Viansa Winery} Sonoma from Lovespun ~ Handmade Films on Vimeo.

I also love the cinematography from Picotte Weddings. Here are a couple photos from a wedding they shot

And here is the video where it all comes to life!

Maria + Sheffer . Le Chateau, Saddlerock Ranch . Malibu, CA from Picotte Weddings on Vimeo.

From my research I have found that good wedding cinematography can range anywhere from $2,800 to $6,000+

For my budget I am planning on sticking to the lower amount, but I am having video regardless. What are your thoughts on having your wedding documented on video? I have heard from some of my bride friends who did not opt for video that they wish they would have done it. What are your planning for your big day? Do you have any recommendations for a great videographer in southern California.... or maybe someone who's willing to travel? If so, please share by posting a comment :)