A Simple Ceremony::Outdoor Decor

Sorry I've been gone for a few weeks, it turns out that planning a wedding and having a full-time job (like almost all of us do) sometimes can be a little overwhelming. But now I'm back and less than three months from my big day! Holy cow! I like saying less than three instead of a little over two (whenever I hear two, it makes me anxious). So, besides having an overwhelming amount of this to do (even though up until now, I've felt as if my planning was flawless), I am still constantly gathering new inspiration, which is absolutely KILLER if you are actually trying to make decisions. From all of the gobs of beautiful things I've seen, here's my plan for the ceremony. My ceremony will be outside my parents home under a lovely tree. I'll enter through our front door to rows of natural wood chairs and make a winding path around to the end of the aisle and all the way up to meet JB. I've always been in to a clean, somewhat industrial, earthy aesthetic (that makes sense, right), which I plan to carry through the ceremony. We won't have an altar, or really anything other than the tree up by where we'll stand, however, to make things festive, there are a few things that I've decided to add to the decor (only a few), so here's my guide for festive-ing up your ceremony.

1. Find something unique but simple that you can use again. My mom has always taught me two things about shopping: 1. buy for the long-haul 2. don't buy small stuff (she's not in to chotchkies).  So heeding her advice (I've been making staple housewares purchases for years) and with her help, we found 5 beautiful round metal candle pieces that will hang in the tree behind us. One more piece of mom advice for making things look perfectly undone and chic, choose odd numbers, specifically 3 or 5.

Clockwise from top left: one, two, three

2. Add something living. For me that's easy, the tree. However, at the end of the aisle I will also have a few (probably 3) pots or holders of some sort with living plants and I'll have a eucalyptus garland around the front door.

one, two, three 

3. Keep it simple and stay true to yourself. This is what I've been struggling with! There are so many ideas that are beautifully executed to choose from that it is absolutely overwhelming, however, what I've been trying to remember to help decide what I do and don't want is: would I pick this any day, or just today? Think about you and your lovey's true style, what do you two like and go from there. For me and JB, it's simple, we don't like clutter or anything too girly. However I've been on the edge of buying and cutting pink ribbons for a ribbon curtain on multiple occasions. Here are a few more things that have almost made me drop all plans and start fresh.

Clockwise from top left: one, two, three, four I wanted to change our names after I saw this:

Can you imagine a root beer themed wedding?! The BEST!

Are y'all having trouble making decisions? How are you decorating your ceremony?