Shoe Inspiration

Yesterday, I received an exciting phone wedding dress is in! And although we have 4 months until the big day, I am going for my first fitting tomorrow! I'm not sure we can actually call this a fitting, because I think it is too early to make any alterations...I mean I don't even have my shoes yet! But I am excited to see my dress again and try it on in my actual size. Since I can't share too many dress details here, let's talk about shoes! I just love the photos you see online of the bride and groom's feet and definitely hope my photographer remembers to get that shot. Something like this will do just fine:

yellow wedding shoesSource

Of course, the yellow doesn't exactly go with our wedding colors and I don't think I could ever convince my fiance to wear those socks. Still, I want something with color. I just love these bold shoe shots:

red wedding shoes, blue wedding shoesone, two

As gorgeous as they are, the bold colors don't fit our soft, and romantic palette. Some serious possibilities are:

one, two, three

*Where did you find your dream wedding shoes??