What to Wear? {Bridesmaids Dresses}

Since I found my wedding dress and can no longer stare at millions of photos of long white dresses online anymore, I've shifted my virtual window shopping eyes to my bridesmaids' dresses! I have major girl crushes on my maid of honor and two bridesmaid, and it's important to me that they all like their dresses. They each have amazing, unique personalities, and I want their dresses to represent their personalities... while still fitting my aesthetic, of course. Problem is, every time I look at a photo of bridesmaids standing beside their bride, I think they all look amazing. I'm having such a hard time narrowing it down! But I think I've at least narrowed it down to two options at this point. I think. But now I need your advice! Seriously, I'm stuck.

The first option is having them all pick out a navy dress that they like. Navy looks so beautiful with some brightly colored flowers. Or white flowers. And they look great next to these light gray suits below, like Kyle's groomsmen will likely be wearing.

I love that the girls below each have different, brightly colored shoes on!

So lovely with some nice, colorful flowers.

This one is extra special, since it's my venue :)

one, two, three, four

Depending on the day of the week, I'm also in love with the idea of doing different, colorful dresses for each of them too! Colorful dresses just exude so much personality, which is exactly what I'm going for. Don't these just make you smile?

one, two, three

If I do the different colors, I'm thinking of picking these three warm Fall colors (not necessarily these exact dresses) and pairing them with some nude shoes and white and/or yellow flowers:

one, two, three

So, what do you think? Please help me decide! All navy? Varied colors? What do you think about these three colors?