Blowing In The Wind {Ribbon Decor}

Somewhat unintentionally, a theme has emerged in some of my decorative ideas: Ribbons. And I have to say, I’m okay with this! I’ve always loved the look of ribbons on the back of the chairs, but I’m starting to think about incorporating ribbons throughout the wedding. I love the way they blow in the wind and create such a whimsical feeling. They kind of remind me of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Ribbons (or paper or fabric streamers) can provide a great backdrop for a space. I’m also thinking about using them to divide up and define some of the spaces at our venue, all while not obstructing the amazing views.

Sources: Guitar Player, Bride and Groom, Chairs

I am in love with this ribbon chandelier! If not for our wedding, maybe for our house....

Source: Chandelier 

I also love the ribbon wands as an alternative to flowers for the flower girl. So cute!

Sources: Chairs, Forever Sign, Flower Girl, Ceiling

I started a little ribbon shopping this weekend; here are some initial favorites. I’m thinking that I can buy some of the fancier (and more expensive) ribbon in small quantities and mix it in with less expensive craft ribbon.

Sources: Blue and Orange, Coral Silk, Orange Velvet, Coral Lace

Do you have a good resource for reasonable ribbon, fabric or other craft supplies? I’d love to check it out!