Details, Details..

We are now inside of 30 days for the wedding, I can't quite believe it! Most of our details are planned, but that means we're down to the not so fun logistical stuff.  Things like seating charts or deciding how to transport things to the venue.  I would LOVE any seating chart tips you have, this process seems daunting.  How about I tell you what we've done so far, and you give me pointers/tips/advice for making the next 24 days stress-free, deal? Deal! Seating.  So far we are tracking all the RSVPs that come in with a spreadsheet that says what meal each guest has chosen.  This gets tricky with families though, figuring out who is eating what if the kids aren't sitting at the same table as their parents.  I have created a large floorplan with all the tables exactly as they will appear in our venue (thanks Martha Stewart).  Next up is starting to write our guest's names on post-its so that I can 'seat' them on my large floorplan, but also easily move them if I need to make a change.  I'm hoping this makes the process a little more smooth.

Escort Cards.  I created a pegboard seating display with washi tape covered closthespins (with the help of my MOH) that I'm really excited to use.  However I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get two names + the table number onto the template that came with this project.  It was originally shown with one name per card, so maybe that's my issue.  But the whole thing is giving me a headache, so I have asked for help from the etsy seller who did our lovely save the dates and our 'guestbook' mad libs.  So, that's one less thing I have to do!  And it's made me feel way less stressed knowing that all I have to do is send her a pdf of the names/tables, and she'll produce professional looking escort cards.  I just don't trust myself to get this task done on my own, so it's money well-spent.

 Tranporting Venue Decor.  Another thing that is a little concerning is getting all our decor to the venue.  We have 3 doors to use as a backdrop, which are pretty heavy and awkward to transport since we attached stands to the bottom of each door.  Our venue said we could drop them off early, but only if there isn't an event going on in our reception room - and we wouldn't find out until the day before the wedding.  Our day-of coordinator will take care of decor set-up/tear-down, so we just need to carefully pack and get our items to the venue.  We have doors, a typewriter, some vintage soda crates, vintage suitcases, and wire crates.  The escort cards, cake stand, reception signs are things we can drop-off a few days before the wedding.  And I also have an appointment with our florist this week to drop off mason jars, vases, and some milkglass - so that will be a huge help.

Oh, and did I mention we're moving into a new house this weekend?  So I am trying to packing wedding items carefully and keep them all together, especially all the glassware.

Bathroom Baskets.  I think we've all seen the basket of toiletries in the ladies room at wedding.  Hairspray, bobby pins, spray deordorant, etc.  Do you use these at weddings?  I can't decide if it's a nice courtesy, an outdated fab, or somewhere in between.  Is it worthwhile or a waste to buy all these items?

Flip Flops.  I have seen (and used) flips flops or 'dancing shoes' at a wedding or two.  But as a bride I'm not sure I feel they are necessary.  Would you use a pair of flip flops at a wedding, or would you just as soon go barefoot?  Or keep your heels on the whole night?

Thanks for sticking with me as I navigate through the not so pretty details - note the lack of a bathroom basket picture.  I'm getting so excited, but I'll be relieved when we have everything ready to go.  Any last minute advice would be appreciated!

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